Strategic Goals

Scottsdale's voter-approved general plan includes six strategic goals to guide the city's efforts. These goals are listed below, with links to datasets that support them.

Preserve Meaningful Open Space

The city of Scottsdale is committed to promoting the acquisition, dedication, and setting aside of open space as a community amenity and in support of the tourism industry in Scottsdale.

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Support Economic Vitality

Scottsdale is committed to the goal of supporting its existing economic strengths by: targeting new opportunities which can diversify our economic base; providing for the fiscal health of the city; and forming partnerships with the community which strengthen our ability to meet this goal.

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Enhance Neighborhoods

Scottsdale is committed to maintaining and enhancing our existing and future neighborhoods. Development, revitalization, and redevelopment decisions, including rezoning and infrastructure planning, must meet the needs of our neighborhoods in the context of broader community goals.

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Advance Transportation

The transportation system must be the backbone of Scottsdale, supporting its economy and serving and influencing its land use patterns in a positive way.

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Seek Sustainability

Scottsdale is committed to the effective management of its finite and renewable environmental, economic, social, and technological resources to ensure that they serve future needs.

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Value Scottsdale's Unique Lifestyle and Character

Scottsdale offers a superior and desirable Sonoran Desert lifestyle for its citizens and visitors. The preservation of this unique lifestyle and character will be achieved through a respect for our natural and man-made environment, while providing for the needs of our citizens.

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